Kathleen Scanlan

“Kate is a seasoned litigator with more than a dozen years’ experience in complex litigation in both California state courts and federal courts around the country. Her cases have included issues arising from real estate fraud, healthcare fraud, consumer fraud and fraud on the government as well as antitrust and RICO violations and breaches of fiduciary duties. Kate plays the critical role at Keller Grover of developing the factual record necessary to prevail in any litigation. She does this using her special talent for gathering relevant facts, from both witnesses and documents, and distilling the information down to a comprehensive legal record. Her ability is attributable in part to her willingness to dive in and learn the details of the industry involved in any given case, to understand how the alleged conduct occurred and how it violates the law. Her skills were instrumental in Keller Grover’s successful efforts on behalf of the nationwide class of consumers in Friedman v. 24 Hour Fitness where she led the briefing team and argued the successful class certification motion as well as the successful opposition to a summary judgment motion on RICO violations arising out of electronic fund transfers between consumers and 24 Hour Fitness. Kate’s efforts are invaluable to Keller Grover’s whistleblower clients where she works tirelessly to prepare any case the whistleblower brings to the government, anticipating and answering potential questions before the case is ever presented.”

Attorney Kathleen Scanlan bio originally published on Keller Grover.